Priscilla & Aquila

The sign above the entry door said “Aquila & Sons” but we don’t read anything about their children. No doubt they had a family to feed, bills to pay and customers to satisfy. They were tentmakers, a noble trade in a time when tents were often used as a residence or a place of business. Large TentThe tent was the first century mobile home so Priscilla & Aquila were mobile. They settled in Italy after they married and set up shop. But soon they were run out of Italy because the emperor didn’t like Jews. (Acts 18:2) If you’ve ever been discriminated against or uprooted against your will, you know how they felt. And if you’ve ever moved to a new town, where you didn’t know anyone, you know how important the companionship of your spouse is.Holding Hands
I love how every time you see Priscilla & Aquila in the bible they are mentioned together. God even uses the collective pronoun they to emphasize the oneness of their relationship saying they were tentmakers. Society at that time wouldn’t even mention a woman’s name or contribution, but God does.
Priscilla & Aquila met the Apostle Paul in Corinth, and gave him a job and a place to live. Soon the church was meeting in their house. Interior TentPaul helped them turn a profit during the day and they opened their home so others could profit from his teaching at night. This was no small thing because it was against the law. Priscilla & Aquila were all in. And they were all in together. They recognized that although earning a living and raising a family was essential, God had a larger plan and they had an important part in it. They heartily exercised the gift of hospitality for the work of the Lord. These were sweet times in the life of Paul, as he had found partners who, like him, would risk their lives for the sake of the gospel (Rom 16:3-4).Interior Bedouin tent
Priscilla and Aquila were secure in their faith. After Paul left for Jerusalem they were carrying on the ministry in Ephesus when a highfalutin guy named Apollos came on the scene. He was good looking, eloquent and highly educated. A guy like this can be intimidating but obviously he hadn’t yet heard the gospel of grace. He was a great preacher but was still only preaching the message of John the Baptist, REPENT! Priscilla & Aquila believed Proverbs 9:9 which says: Give instruction to a wise man and he will be still wiser, teach a just man and he will increase in learning. So they discretely took Apollos aside and taught him about salvation through Jesus. And Apollos had a huge impact in spreading the gospel and the discipleship of the early church.
Priscilla & Aquila were a couple with purpose. They lived what they believed, and they lived it together. How about you?